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10:28:42 ECSCW 2001
European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work.
From the WebPage:
CSCW is a multidisciplinary area of research devoted to the use of computers to support cooperative work. The community encompasses interests in systems development and design, the theory and practice of CSCW, the installation and use of CSCW systems, the application of novel technologies, and the relation between the social and the technical. Submissions from all areas of CSCW are welcome.

Proceedings: Not available online.

Possibly interesting papers (from ECSCW 1999):

  • Taking the work out of workflow: Mechanisms for document-centered collaboration
  • Six roles of documents in professionals' work
  • Activity Awareness: Framework for sharing knowledge of people, projects, and places
  • The adoption and use of BABBLE: A field study of chat in the workplace
  • Meeting at the desktop: An empirical study of virtually collocated teams
  • Moving document collections online: The evolution of a shared repository
  • An experiment in interoperating heterogeneous collaborative systems
  • Meaning-making across remote sites: How delays in transmission affect interaction
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10:30:29 changing the world, changing ourselves - CHI 2002
From the WebPage:
The annual CHI conference is the leading international forum for the exchange of ideas and information about computer-human interaction (CHI), also known as human- computer interaction (HCI).

Proceedings: Not available online.

Possibly interesting papers (from CHI 2001):

  • An Empirical Study of Human Web Assistants: Implications for User Support in Web Information Systems
  • Using Thumbnails to Search the Web
  • Optimizing Search by Showing Results in Context
  • Robust Annotation Positioning in Digital Documents
  • Reading of Electronic Documents: The Usability of Linear, Fisheye, and Overview+Detail Interfaces
  • Using Information Scent to Model User Information Needs and Actions on the Web
  • Information Scent as a Driver of Web Behavior Graphs: Results of a Protocol Analysis Method for Web Usability
  • Visual Information Foraging in a Focus+Context Visualization
_top changing the world, changing ourselves - CHI 2002
10:29:46 Group 2001 (ACM 2001 International Conference)
From the WebPage:
GROUP 2001 provides a forum for researchers and practitioners who are interested in topics related to computer-based systems that have an impact on groups, organizations and social networks. Relevant issues include design, implementation, deployment, evaluation, methodologies, and effect of these systems.
_top Group 2001
14:32:49 CSCW 2000
ACM 2000 Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
From the WebPage:
The ACM CSCW conference is a leading forum for presenting and discussing research and development achievements concerning the use of computer technologies to support collaborative activities, as well as the impact of digital collaboration technologies on users, groups, organizations and society.

Proceedings: Not available online.

Possibly interesting papers:

  • Data Management Support for Asynchronous Groupware
  • Interaction and Outeraction: Instant Messaging in Action
  • Algebra Jam: Supporting Teamwork and Management Roles in a Collaborative Learning Environment
  • Distance, Dependencies and Delay in a Global Collaboration
  • How Does Radical Collocation Help a Team Succeed?
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10:27:30 Fourth International Conference for Distributed Communities on the Web
From the WebPage:
Distributed communities are self-configuring networks of mobile and fixed people, devices and applications. They are the natural next step in the evolution of networked computing, after client-server, Web-based and peer-to-peer computing. They facilitate not just mobility of content to members, but also mobility of context.

(Relevant) Themes and topics to be covered include, but are not restricted to:

  • Self-organizing communities
  • Communication protocols for distributed communities
  • Metadata, ontologies and the Semantic Web
  • Real-time 3D environments and avatars
  • Human behavior and interaction in virtual communities
  • Languages and tools supporting collaboration
  • Sharing content among community members
  • Applications and case studies
_top Fourth International Conference for Distributed Communities on the Web