teamXweb: Browser Compatibility

This page provides information about the compatibility of teamXweb with different browsers under different operating systems. As the computer pool of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Munich is very important for our field test, additional information is provided about the configuration installed there. In other environments, some things may be different.

There are currently two user interface styles for teamXweb. ALPHA 3 is a text based user interface where all functionality is accessed via simple text-only hypertext links. It doesn't look good but should work on most browsers. ALPHA 4 is the look and feel introduced with the version ALPHA 4 of teamXweb. It uses a flash-movie for the navigation bar, which looks much better than the text-only version but requires the Flash plugin and LiveConnect, which is not available on some browsers (Mozilla in particular). There is one further problem with the ALPHA 4 style: it is not possible to catch the event when the enter key is pressed after the user has entered a new URL. Thus, opening manually entered URLs only works by clicking on the GO!-Button.

Operating System Linux

The following results are from a test at the computer pool of the Department of Computer Science of the University of Munich. The Linux distribution used is SuSE Linux 7.0. The test was conducted 2002-05-10.

Mozilla 0.9.9 and Netscape 6.2

Can be started at the computer pool by entering mozilla-0.9.9 & or netscape6.2 & at a console.


This is the recommended browser and style to be used at the computer pool. All functionalities should work as expected.


Here we have the problem with LiveConnect. Accessing most functionality should work, browsing should also work. However, the location field is not updated during browsing. Furthermore, the buttons "aktualisieren" and "new window" do not work. Using this style with Mozilla 0.9.9 is recommended only for checking out the style, not for actually working with teamXweb.

GOOD NEWS!!! There is a new version of Flash available (6,0,40,0) which should support LiveConnect! I'd appreciate any comments on how well that works to david@teamXweb.com. See http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayerbutton/ for the new plugin.

Konqueror 2.2.2


Everything works, but the location text field where the URL of the currently viewed Web page is displayed only gets updated when one enters the navigation bar with the mouse (e.g. moving the mouse pointer over the location field itself). This should not interfere with any other functionality of teamXweb.


As the Flash plugin is not installed with the Konqueror installation at the computer pool, this style does not work at all.

Netscape 4.77 with installed Plugins

Can be started at the computer pool by entering netscape_plugins477 & at a console.

A general note on Netscape under Linux: it crashes a lot!


For some reason the JavaScript methods are not recognized. Does not work at all.


Here at least some of the buttons work (e.g. Communities, Account Manager etc.) However, most pages are heavily distorted because Netscape interprets many empty lines in the HTML-source as rendered new lines (like <br />), and JSPs do include a lot of unneccessary whitespace. This is a Netscape bug, though...


Unfortunately, during the testing Galeon crashed on startup, so no testing was available...

Opera 6.0 beta 2

You have to install Opera yourself from http://www.opera.com just to find out that there's a JavaScript problem right on the entry page of teamXweb. This may be fixed by teamXweb someday soon...

What's nice about Opera is that it comes with the Flash plugin, so that would theoretically work.

Operating System Windows (2000)

Opera 6.0

The preferred browser on Windows! Everything works, everything is very fast - if you encounter any problems, let me know!

Mozilla 1.0 RC 3

Most things work, however, there are two known issues: in the bookmarks window, if you add a category or move a bookmark to another category before changing the displayed category, the category selection window gets refreshed with a blank page. If you want to continue working you can either change the community so the categories window gets displayed again or close and reopen the window. Thanks to leonardi for the bug-report!

Another problem occurs when the browser window displays the teamXweb home page. Probably, this has to do with displaying a flash movie but further testing is still required. Now the problem is that the textbox for a new category name cannot be focussed or any information entered. If you display another page in the browser window, it works. I would consider this a bug in Mozilla as the textbox is simple and straight-forward, so it should not be a problem.

Operating System MacOS

If you can test teamXweb on a Mac please let me know the results!

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